We want to help people find and follow Jesus!

We are an interdenominational community church rooted in the Scriptures and present in our community for over 160 years! Our purpose is to glorify God in all that we do and help connect others to Him through Jesus.

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Who we are...

There are a few foundational things that define who we are as a church family

We believe that God loves us and gave himself for us in Jesus. We believe that God’s love given to us and shown to us in Jesus calls us to give of ourselves on behalf of one another and on behalf of our community.
We believe that sin has caused death and division which Jesus destroys with grace as we repent and he mercifully forgives.
We believe in the value of the ancient roots of our Christian faith and the new ways that we learn to live into them.
We believe that Christians should be known not for who they voted for, not for their job or finances, not for what they wear, or the color of their skin but for the way that they love God and the ways that they love one another.
We believe we hear from God through hearing the Scriptures – so we read them at home and we read them gathered together.
We believe that a church is a family to live on mission for Jesus together.