Our Leadership

While the way that a church is governed and lead isn't necessarily the most exciting topic, we know that it's important to some who are looking for a new church family to know who makes decisions in a congregation and how those decisions are made.

Redeemer Community Church is an interdenominational community church and has no formal ties to any denominational organization. Though our pastor and leaders seek to make decisions with the input of other wise pastors and leaders, the decisions about our church family are made internally guided by the Scriptures and the Spirit.

We have three primary types of leaders at RCC:

- Our Pastor - Our pastor is the spiritual and administrative shepherd of our organization. He cares for the day-to-day needs of our members spiritual care as well as helping to shape the vision and direction of our church family as he is led by God.

- Our Elders - Our elders assist the pastor in the spiritual care and discipleship of our church family by teaching, praying, and counseling. They also work with the pastor to distribute missions funds to those in need in our church family as well as to missions organizations helping meet needs in Carbondale and around the world. These elders are appointed by the Pastor but are also approved by the Board of Directors.

- Our Board of Directors - Our Board of Directors make the "business" and organization decisions about RCC, such as budgeting, facility maintenance, and staffing. These five members are elected to three year terms, may serve only two terms at one time, and are subject to the approval of the congregation at an annual vote held in December.