what are your services like?

It's always a little bit scary when you attend a worship service at a new church. 

After all, you don't know what to expect. 

Here's what you should know about services at Redeemer Church.

Before the Service

This is the time that you can take your children (if you have any) to our children's classrooms and get them settled. We display a large countdown timer in the Sanctuary that will help you keep track of when the service will begin.

The Music

We sing several songs at the beginning of our service. Our music is mostly contemporary worship but we make an effort to include traditional elements (like hymns) as well. Most people stand as we sing but we encourage you to sit if standing makes you uncomfortable. Above all, we want this to be a time of worship and prayer that you share with God. Our musicians' goal is to fade into the background as God takes center stage.

The Offering

This is always one of the weirder moments when attending a church for the first time. We want to be clear that when we pass the offering plates you are under no obligation. This is another way that we offer our worship to God as a church family but please don't feel pressured to give.

The Message

The second half of the service focused on studying God's word together. Someone from the congregation will read a section of Scripture as we listen to God's Word together. Then the pastor will talk about how to understand and apply what we heard together from Scripture. You are encouraged to take out your smartphone or tablet, pull up a Bible app and follow along. 

The Time of Response

After the message is over we will sing another song and provide an opportunity for people to respond to God's Word. Some people do this through singing, some people respond for prayer at the front. We encourage you to respond to God's Word however the Holy Spirit leads you to do. There's no pressure to respond in a certain way.


Our final act of response to God's Word is by coming together around Christ's table to celebrate Holy Communion. The pastor will pray and the congregation is invited to participate as he does this. Then all followers of Jesus (regardless of where they attend church or if they've ever been with us before) are invited forward to join us in celebrating the sacrifice of Jesus for our salvation.