our purpose

We believe that God has placed our church in this place at this time for a reason. 

We have a job to do.

We believe that we are called to:

LOVE   God, our neighbors and our community.

LEAD   people to the hope and mercy of Jesus.

LIBERATE   people from loneliness, injustice and sin.

LAUNCH   people into lives of purpose and service.

We LOVE our community and neighbors through acts of service and giving of our resources to meet their needs.

We LEAD people to the hope and mercy of Jesus through building relationships and making disciples.

We LIBERATE people from loneliness, injustice and sin by being a voice for the voiceless, through our small groups     and by teaching the good news of the Gospel (that the Kingdom of God has come near and Jesus is alive.)

We LAUNCH people into lives of purpose and service by providing opportunities to follow Jesus in his role as a servant.